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Principal's Message

To The Graduating Class of 2023,kavita jagarnath-ocasio photograph


Congratulations on the occasion of the successful completion of your elementary studies at P.S. 175. Your promotion is a major step in your education.


I bid you farewell with a sense of pride and affection. I have come to know many of you as individuals in various aspects of school life. I have come to know the unique characteristics and accomplishments of so many of you.


Middle School with its new freedoms, demands and responsibilities will be a significant change from your familiar surroundings at P.S. 175 and this change will require you to practice a greater degree of self-discipline. You will have to evaluate and monitor your own progress as you work to achieve your academic, social and athletic goals. You will be held more accountable for your actions and must begin to think carefully about the things you do and the friends you choose.


Remember that honesty, hard work, friendship, sensitivity and respect for yourselves and others are not just empty words found only in the dictionary but rather personal goals for a lifetime as productive citizens.


Always ask yourself, what really matters? That’s a big question and the answers you give can change as you grow and your perception of life changes. It is important that you keep perspective and remember the things that really make life worthwhile. The decisions you make should always help you reach your full potential. This means you need to work hard in order to live a content and fulfilled life; which also means for you to take responsibility for your own well-being and happiness. Hard work yields success. Success is not the result of luck or good fortune, but rather hard work. It is also very important to think carefully about what you are doing, to plan, and to be organized so you can maximize the benefits that come from your efforts.


Continue to hold yourself in high regards and make those around you beam with pride and joy.


Remember, there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work, works!


Yours Truly,

Kavita Jagarnath-Ocasio