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School Trips

Trips can be fun, engaging, and a great learning experience. When planning a trip for your class please ensure the following:

  • All trips are planned in a timely manner (at least 2 weeks in advance)
  • All students have updated health forms and emergency contact cards 
  • Our school nurse is notified in advance of any students that have required specific medical needs to request a DOE Nurse
  • If a student should require chaperone, parent should be notified on form
  • Trips are academically aligned
  • Ensure all the following forms are filled out and submitted for approval by School Principal:
    • NYC DOE Parent Trip Permission Slip*
    • Trip Plan
    • Meal Request
    • Trip Invoice

24hrs before Trip Date:

  • Please verify the bus company to secure pick up, route, and return 24hrs before trip (number found on approval packet; pick up is done on 135th Street yard)
  • Verify all permission slips have been signed and received by students attending trip
  • Ensure DOE nurse has been requested if needed
  • Verify Meal Request in school cafeteria 

Day of Trip:

  • Have all student permission slips on hand 
  • Submit Trip Attendance Log and Afternoon Attendance to the main office
  • Ensure all students have lunch and pick up meal requests in cafeteria
  • Once bus arrives, take note of the individual bus number and driver's phone number for pick-up